Volumes, Logs and DNS

Deprecation Notice!

PlatformerXE will be deprecated in favour of Platformer Next Gen once it becomes Generally Available (currently in Beta).

If you are an existing PXE customer, the Platformer team will reach out to you and assist in migrating your applications before PXE is deprecated.


Volumes section lets you mount disks to your application.

Deploying your first app - Step 18

To mount a new volume click Add Volume Mount.

Deploying your first app - Step 19Deploying your first app - Step 20


The Logs section lets you view logs of your application. You can specify the Log Output, Severity, Date Range and Actions to perform.

Deploying your first app - Step 21


DNS sections lets you add your Domain/ Subdomain. To create a new DNS url, click New and enter the URL Domain.

Deploying your first app - Step 22