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Connect AWS ECR

Before you begin

Generating Tokens

  1. Setup Environment variables in AWS for the following

    • ACCOUNT - eg: 1111-1111-1111
    • REGION - eg: us-east-2
    • SECRET_NAME - eg: ${REGION}-ecr-registry
    • EMAIL - your AWS login email
  2. Create a file called

    TOKEN=`aws ecr --region=$REGION get-authorization-token --output text \
    --query authorizationData[].authorizationToken | base64 -d | cut -d: -f2`
    echo $TOKEN
  3. Run the above script as follows and note down the token printed.


Connecting to Platformer

To integrate a new container registry to the Platformer Console,

  1. Navigate to Credentails > Container Registries and click + CREDENTIAL (or Get started if you haven’t added one before)

  2. Select AWS ECR from Container Registry Provider drop down.

  3. Fill in the following fields.

    • Region - AWS Region of the previous section
    • Account ID - AWS Account of the previous section
    • Email - AWS Email of the previous section
    • Token - Taken from the script output in the previous section
  4. Click Save

Next Steps