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Configurations and Secrets


Read about managing Configurations and Secrets (and the differences) on the Platformer Console here. (Recommended reading)

Mounting a Configuration or a Secret to an Application.

Configurations/Secrets are managed at an Environment-level

You can create and manage configurations at an Application-level but they will be added to the configurations in the Environment to centrally organize all configurations in one place.

  1. Navigate to Applications > Select an Application > Configs tab.

  2. Click + CREATE. This will open the ‘Config Mount’ dialog.


  • Select Container - If you have multiple containers in this application, make sure to select the correct container from the drop down menu.

  • Configuration Type - Platformer Console allows you to easily mount any of the following file/directory types:

    • Directory - Mount an entire directory of files to your container
    • File - Mount a single file to your container
    • Variable (Environment Variables) - Inject environment variables to your container
    • Environment File (.env File) - Upload a .env file containing environment variables that need to be injected into your container
  • New or Existing Configuration - All configurations are managed centrally at an Environment-level. You can either re-use an existing configuration or create a new one.

  1. Click CONTINUE. If you selected to mount an existing configuration, select the configuration you want to mount or if it’s a new configuration, upload or paste the values in the given dialog.

  1. Click CONTINUE to proceed to the Mount Configuration. Specify where you want your configuration to be mounted in the container.

  2. Once done, click CONTINUE and then FINISH to complete the configuration mount.

Editing or rolling back a Configuration

All configurations and secrets created through the Platformer Console are versioned. While you can only replace a secret, you can read and edit configuration files in-browser.

  1. Pick the configuration you want to edit from the Configs tab, and select Edit from the menu icon.

  1. You can update the value in the given editor, or rollback to a previous version.