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Health Checks


Kubernetes Health Checks can be used to ensure smooth updates (“Rolling updates”) with zero-downtime. Health checks ensure that a new container is healthy and able to handle traffic before the old container is destroyed.

Creating a Health Check

  1. Navigate to the Health Checks tab under the Application Overview and follow the set up wizard to completion.

  2. You can choose to enable or disable Liveliness and/or Readiness Probes for your container.

  3. If you have multiple containers that require health checks, they must be added individually to each container.
  4. Health checks can be edited later at any time.

Liveliness Probes vs. Readiness Probes

  • Liveliness Probes are run continuously on your container, throughout it’s lifetime. If the liveliness probe fails, the container is shut down and recreated.
  • Readiness Probes are only run at the start of your container, before the ‘existing/old’ container is shut down. If the readiness probe fails, the upgrade is not carried out.

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