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Setting up Metrics Server

Platformer Console support Kubernetes native metrics to display current Pod Utilization metrics. It also supports Horizontal Pod AutoScaling

Before you begin

Installing using Platformer Shell

  1. Access Kubectl Shell from the Console

  2. Run the following commands to install the metrics server.

    helm repo add stable
    helm install --namespace kube-system  metrics-server stable/metrics-server \
    --set "args[0]=--logtostderr,args[1]=--kubelet-preferred-address-types=InternalIP,args[2]=--kubelet-insecure-tls"  


    You can change the passed in variables any way you want. Please refer NGINX Ingress Helm Repository

Manual Installation

Please run the following command in your cluster. The following configuration is tested with AWS EKS.

You can actually run the following command by launching Platformer Kubernetes Shell

kubectl apply -f

Install the latest version

Please follow the steps for your specific Kubernetes infrastructure provider: Metrics Server Installation Guide