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Creating Environments

Before you begin

Creating a new Environment

  1. Go to Environments on the main navigation panel.
  2. Click the Create button in the Environments page.
  3. Fill out the required values.

    • Environment Name*
    • Description*
    • Default Namespace*

      You can control what underlying namespace for this Environment will be named by filling in Kubernetes Metadata > Namespace. Make sure this environment namespace does not collide with another Platformer managed environment namespace.


      You can create any number of namespaces under this Environment later if you want your applications in the Environment to be further isolated with a namespace-per-application or namespace-per-application-group configuration.

    • Clusters - Select the Kubernetes Clusters you want this Environment to be associated with. (When applications are deployed to this environment, they will be synchronized across all associated Clusters).

  4. Click Save and your environment will be created in a few seconds.

Next Steps