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Installation with NPM

  • Requires Node v14+ and NPM. (Installing Node will install NPM as well)

  • Run npm install -g platformer-cli@latest

  • To use Yarn instead of NPM: yarn add -g platformer-cli

  • The Platformer CLI can now be accessed with the platformer command.


  • Run npm install -g platformer-cli@latest

Installation via a Standalone binary

  • Check the Releases section and download the relavent binary based on your Operating System.

  • Once installed, the Platformer CLI will be accessible with the platformer command.

Install on Ubuntu/Debian

  • Export latest version export VERSION=0.1.X

  • Download *.deb wget$VERSION/platformer_$VERSION-1_amd64.deb

  • Install downloaded *.deb file sudo dpkg -i platformer_$VERSION-1_amd64.deb