Getting started

This is the documentation for the Platformer Console.

Platformer Console is a hassle-free enterprise-grade application platform to simplify and streamline your Kubernetes experience on Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise or Edge Infrastructure.

It is a one stop solution for managing your workloads, CI/CD in a multi cluster environment both in Cloud and On Premise.

  1. Sign up on Platformer Console

    You can get started for free. No strings attached.

  2. Have a look at the Console UI Overview

  3. Switch to your Default Workspace.

    In Platformer Heirachy, You need to create an Organization to get started. You already have a default workspace created which can be used as an Organization.

    Read more about Organizations here.

  4. Create a Billing Account

    Easily set up a billing account with your credit card.

  5. Connect a Kubernetes Cluster

    You can connect any kubernetes cluster including local clusters such as minikube, microk8s and kind.

  6. Create an Environment