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Kubernetes Cluster requirements

Any Kubernetes Cluster can be connected to the Platformer Console provided that it meets that following requirements.

The Platformer console is agnostic towards the underlying Infrastructure. i.e. It can be a self-managed cluster on an on-premise data center, a managed Kubernetes service (GKE/Anthos, EKS, AKS, RKE, etc), a k3s cluster running on a RaspberryPi or a Minikube cluster on your local machine.

Read more on how Platformer Console connects to your Cluster

Kubernetes version

Kubernetes version 1.16+


Clusters running older Kubernetes versions can be connected - but some features may not work due to breaking Kubernetes API changes. Platformer officially only supports clusters above v1.16.

Network requirements

  • The Cluster should be able to access the Internet (applicable only for the public SaaS version of Platformer Console)

  • If you are running in an isolated network or behind a firewall, it may be necessary to allow-list certain Platformer APIs.

  • The following URLs needs to be whitelisted on egress (Outbound) on port 443 if you are running behind a completely private network.


Contact Platformer Support for more details.

Third-party tools

The Platformer Console utilizes the following services/components to handle ingress traffic and to generate SSL/TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt. These are only required if you have any public-web facing applications that require exposure to the internet.