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Audit Logs

The Platformer Console records all transactions and activities at all levels in the Resource Hierachy

Platformer has 3 Audit Logs asscoicated with it.

System Audit Logs

Under system Audit logs, Everything you do is logged in the following format.

  • Timestamp
  • Level - Info Unauthorized
  • User - Email of the user who accessed
  • Messege - Consists of <Request Type>-<Request Path>-<Response Status>
  • User ID
  • Project ID
  • Organization ID
  • Metadata - Contains user agent. From where the request was sent.
  • Executer - To which Platformer MicroService the request was sent to.

All these logs are available to viewed both under organization level and project level. Logs can be searched by Date range or log level

Organization-level Audit Logs

  • Admin Panel > Organization - Audit Logs

Project-level Audit Logs

  • Admin Panel > Project - Audit Logs

Vault Access Logs

This is a Project specific audit log. For each Project created in Platformer, A Hashicorp Vault kv engine and a user and an approle is created. This Vault is where we would be storing your sensitive information that you put on Platformer Console.

Everything that happens in that kv engine will be stored and can be viewed from the console.


Vault Audit Log browser would only work with Platformer Public Vault. If you have connected your own Vault, the logs will not be visible here.


Vault Access log browsing will be available soon on the console.

Activity Logs

Platformer Keeps track of the changes the system performs under application level as well. These can be viewed under application level.

Environment-level Activity Logs

Application-level Activity Logs